Tuesday 5 December 2017

Tasmanian Holiday with a Shaky Start

At 19 Berenice and a friend went on a week’s holiday to Tasmania. Excitedly they boarded their flight. They were no sooner in the air when the plane began turning around. The passengers could see smoke pouring from an engine, and, in the distance, fire engines and ambulances racing towards the airport.
As it landed one tyre burst, and then another.  The passengers sweltered inside as their aircraft was covered in foam. 

Her parents, Ken and Betty, must have been in shock seeing a plane approaching the runway with smoke pouring from it and realising it was the one they had just seen depart with their daughter aboard. 

Fortunately, nobody on the plane panicked. Everyone was frozen in their seats with only the white faces of the stewardesses indicating the danger they were in.


  1. As always I enjoy reading the bits of information you post about Berenice and dingos. She certainly lived an eventful life. Thank you again for so many interesting and informative facts. Looking forward to more.

    1. She was a very interesting lady. I keep finding new snippets to include in her biography.