Tuesday, 13 March 2018

The Truth About Dingoes 12: Hybridisation

One of the main threats to dingoes besides man is hybridisation with domestic dogs; the introduction of dog genes into the dingo population threatens to change and eradicate the unique characteristics of the Australian dingo.

Its uniqueness and importance to Indigenous Australians and our ecological systems make saving this species an important and urgent task.

I see the hybridisation problem as unimportant compared with the need to protect Australia's last top predator.

For in Australia it's the farmers who moved into an established home range of a predator. It is a well known fact that the dingo prefers to eat what he/she has always eaten, but if we have destroyed the habitat of its natural prey, or if he/she is too old or injured, it will resort to unfamiliar but, made by us, easily captured food.

Losses are simply that and should be accepted by the livestock owner....For it is they who should be trying to help themselves researching and practicing to find ways so that they can coexist, without destroying what is needed to keep a healthy balance in our ecosystems!

Reproduced, with permission, from the Aussie Canis Dingo Day Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/aussiecanisdingo/

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