Tuesday 4 September 2018

We are Dingo a True Species

To the Anangu people living in the area around Uluru, the dingo is known as Papa!

Our species is trapped, poisoned, hunted, shot and remains persecuted in our own country. This is due to human ignorance and greed for profit - the humans have stolen our land, our homes, built a massive fence through half our country to keep us out of an area good for food. Humans wrongly think we are interested in their livestock, but this is not true. In fact, we prefer our own native food. Sadly, many humans are eradicating our native wildlife too and have also introduced species dangerous to our native wildlife. The humans call these "feral" animals.

Sadly, due to ignorance many humans believe we are "feral", vermin and a pest. All this is due to human irresponsibility and ignorance. We would like to see all this change. We would like to see our species protected. We would like to see humans change their attitude towards us and see how important we are in our country - we could even help the humans eradicate some of the nuisance feral species they introduced to our home. If only they would let us!!

We would like you all to say a word on our behalf so you, like others, can understand us; once you know more about us we are sure you will join the other humans who see us for what we are - a species wrongly maligned and persecuted through lack of understanding.

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