Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Please Support Our Fund Raising Campaign

To raise funds for costs associated with the cataloguing and preservation of the records, of Berenice Walters, known as the Dingo Lady, we have opened a fund raising campaign through GofundMe http://www.gofundme.com/nqtwl0

The project includes publishing some of the records and manuscripts and ultimately publishing her biography.

This project is being undertaken purely on a  voluntary basis.

Berenice’s records are of importance not only in Australia but worldwide. They have sat for many years needing cataloguing and digitising and include:

  • Manuscripts (both her own and others)
  • Research papers
  • Photos and Slides
  • Videos and 8mm film
  • Audio Cassettes

We hope that anyone who cares, not only for the preservation of the Dingo but also wolves and other primitive canids, will support our efforts.

Berenice, devoted over 30 years of her life as the Dingo’s advocate. Through commitment to observing, studying, breeding and being at one with the Dingo’s spirit she became a recognised authority on Australia’s Native Dog.

As the Dingo’s champion she took every opportunity to promote understanding of the Dingo, fight for its recognition and acceptance as the Native Dog of Australia and educate the public on the truth about it's the characteristics and behaviour.

Her work contributed significantly to:

  • a greater understanding of the Dingo
  • relaxation of the laws concerning the Dingo
  • realisation of the role the Dingo played in keeping the balance of nature and controlling feral animals that depleted native wildlife in particular small marsupials
  • lessening of eradication programs as they applied to the Dingo

She also studied the relationship between the Dingo and the Aborigines and other wild canids (wild dogs, wolves etc)

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  1. Farmers oppose protection campaigns. They think of nothing else.