Tuesday, 11 June 2019

From Cattle Dog Kennels to Dingo Enclosures

Wooleston, Berenice and Bern Walters Cattle Dog kennels was the most famous in Australia but Berenice’s love for dingoes saw their property transformed over 40 years.

Wooleston Australian Cattle Dog Kennel
The kennels in the early days of the dingoes

Over the years Berenice and an enthusiastic team of volunteers gradually transformed the property into a haven of native plants. The sanctuary won many awards in the loval garden competition.

 The runs are now more suitable for dingoes. They are larger runs with dingo proof fencing. 
Names of the dingoes and their sponsors are shown for the information of visitors
A new entrance is built
By 1998 the grounds were relaxing and peaceful. Although Berenice was suffering the later stages of Motor Neurone Disease she delighted in the spending time in the gardens with the dingoes she loved.

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