Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The Show Ring, Dog Breeds and Dingoes

[In 1870] Sydney “show” breeders were, for the first time, able to acquire Hall’s Heelers. Although  these dogs were deemed the perfect cattle dog by stockmen and drovers in the “bush”, the Sydney “show” breeders felt the need to “improve” them. After some weird and wonderful experimental breedings, and by their own admissions, the city breeders dogs “lost a lot of working ability”.

Bert Howard, Australian Cattle Dog Historian

The Walters were one of the few cattle dog breeders whose dogs were both excellent working dogs and excelled in the show ring.

While Berenice was involved with the show dog world she saw first hand how the conformity of dogs changed from at the whim of breeders.

It was the reason she never wanted to see the Dingo in the show ring.  

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