Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Berenice, Australian Cattle Dogs and the Show Ring.

Bern, Jock and their trophies

Berenice has recorded some amusing anecdotes about showing the Wooleston Australian Cattle Dogs. Here is one of them.

One of Berenice and Bern’s most successful dogs was Wooleston Blue Jock. Even as a pup he had a mind of his own and objected to familiarity from strangers.

At a show the judge warned Berenice that Jock’s show days were numbered unless he could be trained to be more tolerant of being handled in the ring. Jock was about nine months old and already too much for Berenice, so Bern took over his handling and general preparation.

All went well until, some months later, he had an unfortunate experience in the ring.  The judge did not trust him, or Bern apparently, and took hold of Jock's collar.  As far as Jock was concerned that was the end.  A stranger had attempted to take control.  Both Jock and the judge suddenly landed on the ground, the judge on top.  From the sidelines came suggestions "Give the dog a go".  "Get off the dog you oaf."

Finally, Bern extracted his dog, but Jock never forgot that experience.  From that time on it was his mission in life to avoid any attempt by a stranger to handle him.  He would not run out to bite anyone, just objected to being touched by strangers.

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