Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Truth About dingoes 16: The Dingo Needs Protection to Function Properly

The dingo barrier fence creates two ecological universes. Inside the dog fence dingoes are persecuted profusely and outside the fence less profusely. Inside the dog fence is a high density of foxes and roos, lower vegetation, lower productivity, reduced abundance of small prey. Outside the dog fence native prey are doing much better, green grass etc.

When predator control stops biodiversity recovers. Foxes are common where dingoes are scarce. Marsupials exist where dingoes persist. The dingo is more powerful when they are allowed stable social structures. Compassionate conservation- We need empathy and compassion. Is founded on the principle: first do no harm. Maremma guardian dogs see to this. Predator-friendly is the farming future. A paradigm shift in conservation.

The dingo is the number one key to save Australia's extinctions. Can we envisage a conservation paradigm based on compassion?

Yes we can.


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