Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Way of the Dingo

“If the dingo could speak it might with much more justification brand man a coward and a thief, for man took the land from the dingo and offered battle only when the odds were insurmountable in his favour.

The dingo once roamed free in regal supremacy among the animals of this vast land. The native people loved and worshipped it, and their nomadic life interfered little with its movements. ……. In fairness to this wild magnificent creature we should strive to preserve it in a suitable environment in our national parks and sanctuaries.”

These words come from the book The Way of the Dingo by Sid Wright first published in 1968. 


As a dingo lover, it is a tough book to read. But I must confess it is beautifully written.

Sid Wright was a dingo hunter and the fictional story is based on his experiences.

The reason I did read it was because Sid Wright also understood and respected the dingo.

I came across several letters and poems in tribute to the dingo written by him in Berenice’s papers and often included in the society’s journal. There is also a lengthy document he wrote titled “Kind Control” which outlines alternatives to protecting flocks and herds without involving the destruction of the dingo.

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