Thursday, 7 February 2019

A Reminder to all Dingo Advocates to Keep Fighting.

Maremma pups share an enclosure with a sheep - an important part of dog/sheep bonding.

During Berenice’s “Wolfathon” in 1987 (her extended trip to study wild canids in Europe and the USA) she wrote about the Coppingers who were leading the way in the use of livestock guardian dogs in the US.

Ray and Lorna Coppinger’s Sheep Guarding Dog Project was based at Hampshire College and like many people who tried to change the way things were done they came in for more than their fair share of criticisms.

Berenice’s comment not only applies to the Coppingers and their work at the time but to anyone who seeks to find a better way to ensure our wildlife are protected and cruel methods of controlling predators are abandoned.

“There are so many good people involved in the fight to preserve the world's predators.

Ray and Lorna Coppinger are deeply involved and dedicated in their endeavours to prove the worth of their project, but all too often the work of such talented and enlightened people is held back by shortage of funds, and by political decisions against them because their objectives seldom mean added votes.

When things go right, and progress is made, there are hordes wanting to share the limelight, but when things go wrong, all too often it is the person who had the courage and foresight to try and bring about progressive and enlightened changes that has to bear the brunt.”

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