Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Can dreams influence or predict our future? Berenice’s did.

When, as a young woman, Berenice first dedicated her life to the dingo cause she had a recurring dream.

She saw herself very straight, slim and confident, slowly making her way up a long, narrow, dimly lit corridor lined on both sides by steel, cell-like barriers.  Behind the barricades were milling crowds of angry people, shaking their fists at her and shouting abuse, struggling like demons to destroy her.

Although the passage was narrow, the violence so close, she sensed she was safe. Carefully and deliberately, with no thought of turning back or panicking, she made her way onward through the dimness and towards a speck of light at the far end.  She never actually saw herself reaching the pinnacle of her obsession, just a determination to get there.

The dream seemed to show her the direction her life would take. She knew the road would not be easy and she would have no peace until she reached her goal or died in the effort. She foresaw oppression and destruction would be close about her, but she would be safe.  That speck of light in the distance indicated hope to which she clung desperately.

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