Monday, 15 April 2019

Dogs threaten cattle on the Walters property

In 1978 three red dogs were seen chasing the Walters stock, singling out calves. Quickly checking none of their dingoes had got out, they raced down to identify the dogs. They were collies. One very large red dog resembling a red Samoyed, one tri-coloured collie and one corgi type dog.

It was crucial for them to identify the dogs. Other farmers were likely to see these dogs chasing their stock and naturally thoughts would turn to the Walters dingoes.

The dogs were sighted on several occasions and sometimes heard barking at night. Finally, the local Pastures Protection Board and Council were advised. While explaining the case to the Council Pound Officer, the dogs were sighted about ¼ mile away and the officer was able to cut the dogs off and follow them home.

Apologies were received from the from the dogs’ owner and the Walters had no further trouble with them. Had this happened in an area inhabited by wild Dingoes, most would have token it for granted that Dingoes were the culprits.

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