Sunday, 15 September 2019

The Dingo Debate: Origins, Behaviour and Conservation by Bradley Smith (Editor)

I initially read The Dingo Debate cover to cover because I am passionately interested in Dingoes and there is very little up to date information available in book form. I was enthralled by the amount and quality of the information.  Every section was informative and covered all aspects of the Dingo. I am currently writing the biography of Berenice Walters, the Dingo Lady (1928-2002) and frequently refer back to this book to check historical facts and differences in our knowledge now compared to her time.

The Dingo is Australia’s most controversial, maligned and misunderstood animal. The history of the dingo has been one of condemnation and cruelty surrounded by myths and lies spread largely by the grazing fraternity.

The Dingo Debate sets the record straight with scientific evidence of its important role as an apex predator in keeping the balance of nature and controlling feral pests. Anyone considering reading the book should not be put off by my use of the word “scientific”. It is written in a manner easily understood by the average lay person.

It discusses the origin of the Dingo and their relationship with the indigenous people, how they live in the wild, their contribution to ecology and the impact of attempts to wipe out dingoes. It is well illustrated with photographs and tables and includes comprehensive reference tables at the end of each chapter.

This is not a book simply to read. It is one all dingo advocates, conservationists and ecologists should return to over and over again for information supporting our fight to save the Dingo.

There is a new breed of young scientists studying the dingo. Editor, Bradley Smith is one of them. Their positive findings on the need to preserve not annihilate the dingo needs to be heeded by all governments. I hope the ongoing research by these young researchers continues to be published and made available to the general public.

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