Tuesday 25 February 2020

Snowgoose in old age

In 1988 there were only nine resident dingoes at Merigal, with one female, a daughter of Snowgoose, leased to Healesville Sanctuary. Many of the dingoes were elderly but what these lacked in youthful beauty, they certainly made up for it in character. Each one had a wonderful story to tell and members never tired of relating these to visitors.

The most senior Dingo was Snowgoose. At 13 she was still a beauty with a thick lustrous brilliant coat. 

However, Berenice felt she has been slowly fading over the past few months and asked the vet to do an ECG to check her progress. All was well, it was just aging.

Snowgoose was always an avid and agile jumper but having lost some of her agility, a log was placed beside her kennel so she could get up onto the roof as all Dingoes like to do.

To inspire her to live and enjoy her old age, Berenice would take her out on a three-metre retractable lead every morning. How she enjoyed checking out the property, investigating familiar and not so familiar scents. In a limited way she was doing all the natural things Dingoes love to do.

She has improved immeasurably, was eating well and the sparkle was back in her eye. A little bit of extra personal attention certainly goes a long way. - for elderly dogs as well as elderly people.

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