Tuesday 3 March 2020

But What About Dingo Pups?

No one was free from Berenice’s prodding them into awareness.

One evening in early 1980 she was speaking to a lady who had a part-dingo with behavioural issues. Her last comment to Berenice was 'Well, I must go. I'm going to a Greenpeace meeting to help stop the slaughter of baby seals.’

'What about our Dingo pups?’, Berenice asked her. ‘They are left to starve to death when their parents are ‘humanely' poisoned with 1080 laced baits, dropped from the air in our wilderness areas, during the breeding season'. Like so many Australians, this lady was well informed as to the plight of seals, but unaware of the plight of the Dingo.

This was not the only time she argued with well-intentioned people battling causes such as dolphins, whales, and baby seals. All well-intentioned but they were not in our own back yard. Was it (and the question still needs to be asked today) a case of 'out of sight, out of mind'? 

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