Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Kimba and Minki

In 1986, at 2 years of age, due to lack of daily socialisation, Kimba and Minki were not as outgoing as their mother, Julie, but inherited her gentleness and affectionate nature.

Kimba happily represented MERIGAL at the local dog training club and had the honour of being invited to take part in the obedience display at the Bargo Colonial Fair.  Although he does do some 'off lead' work in class, because of his wariness Berenice restricted him to 'on lead' exercises.  All eyes were on this tall and stately Dingo working with the many breeds present on the day. 


As the society and their dingoes streamed across the arena in preparation for their own parade, the announcer asked: "Where else in the world would you see a mass display of Australia's beautiful Dingo?" It was a grand display, the Dingoes were perfect, and Berenice felt so proud of them.

Every evening, Kimba and Minki relished a couple of hours as 'house dogs'.  After dinner, Kimba headed off to the bedroom, revelling in the comfort of the bed.  With his glorious red coat and magnificently endowed brushtail draped across the bed, he himself looked luxurious.

Kimba's manners in the house were impeccable.  He willingly, though sometimes grudgingly, allowed his feet to be cleaned when necessary.  He was very vocal and in pleasurable excitement gave a long, loud, very deep crow, absolutely deafening, which brought laughs from everyone, and to his obvious delight.

Minki was a gentle dingo, shy with people she did not know well, and over submissive with the other dingoes.  However, she maintained her dignity with the Cattle Dogs.  She was always delicate in her manner.  When a mother Dingo is rearing her pups, each pup in play takes its turn to be the 'underdog', to be teased and chased, to encourage it to fight back, to defend itself.  Poor Minki was always the 'underdog', constantly harassed, and eventually had to be separated, and no doubt would not have survived naturally.

In the house, Berenice had to keep an eye on her as she was inclined to quietly wander from room to room till she found something of interest, like socks, then dashed outside, the trophy clutched in her mouth, racing round and round the yard with Kimba in hot pursuit.

Minki and Kimba
Kimba featured on some of Merigal's early souvenirs

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