Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Book Review: Dawn of a Dingo Day by Yosef Lasarow

I believe the Dingo’s vital role as apex predator in Australia is the most important message we, as dingo advocates, need to spread. It is the argument that would generate support from people both here and overseas that care about wildlife. Understanding how the Dingo manages the environment and protects endangered species is vital in gaining support for the Dingo’s survival.

Dawn of a Dingo Day focusses on explaining how the Dingo controls the environment, supresses predators lower down the food chain (foxes and feral cats) prevents over grazing by herbivores and protects small, endangered marsupials.

It is a complex topic to grapple with, but Dawn of a Dingo Day gives us the information we need in clear, easy to understand details to help spread the word.

A bonus in the book are the remarkably beautiful dingo photos by renowned photographers.

My rating 5*. It’s a must have.

Available from the Australian Dingo Foundation Store at just $10, all proceeds from purchasing Dawn of a Dingo Day support the organisation in their goals to protect and conserve Australia’s only native Canid species.

Link: https://dingo-foundation.square.site/s/shop

About the Author

Yosef Lasarow was born in South Africa in 1962 and has dedicated his life to a passionate search for truth and the underlying purpose of life. After moving to Australia Yosef has dedicated the last ten years developing his eco-wildlife park, the Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park, in Victoria. It was there that he discovered the masterful and essential ecomanagement skills of the dingo and the vital ecological role they play and have played for thousands of years on Australian soil.

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