Saturday, 31 October 2015

New book by Berenice Walters and Pamela King

This is the story of the love Berenice Walters had for her Dingoes and her endeavours to prove they were not the savage and sinister brute authorities portrayed them as.

The stories in this book are about three of her Dingoes; Dora, Napoleon and Snowgoose.

They tell how she acquired her first Dingo, eluded being arrested and her Dingo being destroyed then successfully obedience training her Dingoes. They tell how she proved the so called experts wrong about the character of the Dingo but mostly they tell of her love and dedication for the most falsely maligned of Australian native animal.

Australian buyers can purchase through the website with Paypal. Price $18.65 including postage (within Australia only)

Overseas buyers can purchase through Amazon.  

Berenice Walters was known as the Dingo Lady

She devoted over 30 years of her life as the Dingo’s advocate. Through commitment to observing, studying, breeding and being at one with the dingo’s spirit she became a recognised authority on Australia’s Native Dog.

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