Sunday, 17 April 2016

Update on Lola’s Quest to Become a Search and Rescue Dingo

Lola and her dedicated trainer Deanna recently tested for certification in Search and Rescue but unfortunately although they passed the vehicles and buildings components they were not successful in the wilderness section.

Deanna reported that Lola did however win a few admirers while knocking it out of the park and shocking people with how deliberately and methodically she details an area searching for "Hope". 

She said “Most thought she'd be bouncing off walls being a "for real dingo" instructor even said if she's an example of her "breed" that it's an "excellent" example and working dog. High praise for a "newbie". This handler couldn't be prouder, even though I made a couple of bad decisions on one day (the one and only day all week...but the one that mattered).”

Regardless of the result they have come a long way and we wish them all the best for next time.

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