Saturday, 9 April 2016

Why I am Glad the Dingo is not a Dog

When Berenice Walters started the Australian Native Dog Training Society in 1976 one of the aims was to have the Dingo acknowledged as Australia’s Native Dog in the hope that as a native animal it would be free from the cruel extermination programs.

The Society also advocated a permit system for dingo ownership to protect dingoes from people profiting from their breeding. The system was finally introduced in NSW but sadly is now not a requirement for Dingo ownership (This is only the case in NSW).

She also wrote the first breed description which later formed the basis of a breed standard adopted by the Australian National Kennel Council.

It should be emphasised that this was not because the society wanted to see the dingo in the show ring alongside domestic breeds of dog.
In 1979 she wrote: A Breed Standard is a description of the appearance and characteristics of a breed. In the case of the Dingo, we have an excellent opportunity to preserve a true record of a pure breed of dog as yet unspoiled by man. It is an unfortunate reality that the appearance and temperament of many breeds have been changed almost beyond recognition within a few generations to comply with a fashionable trend.

When you look at early photos of domestic breeds below and compare them to today’s dogs I am thankful the dingo is not a dog and therefore cannot be changed by man for his own purposes. The Dingo has evolved perfectly to live in its environment; it doesn’t need changing.

Here are some examples:

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