Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How many dingo brands from the past do you know?

Probably the most well-known Dingo trademark or brand from the past is the one for Great Southern Flour Mills Ltd dating back to 1940 and still standing today in North Fremantle

The dingo logo was painted in late 1940 by artist Les Nash on the side of the 1936-37 Timber Silos, facing towards Stirling Highway and the ocean and soon became a landmark, on land and water. Nash was paid the exorbitant fee of £40.
The iconic sign has been repainted many times since but it has never been redrawn or redesigned.

During World War II, in 1943, the sign had to be painted out as part of the war precautions.

The brand name ‘Dingo Flour’ was in use in this period for flour from the North Fremantle Mill and Henco was the brand for flour from the Narrogin Mill.

Here are some others you may not have heard of:
Eucalyptus Oil 1897 

Sheep drench 1899

John Kees & Sons Hardware Merchants 1920

Clothing 1917

Wines and spirits 1916
Taendstikker = tooth pick c.1905
Dutch matches

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