Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmas Message from the Dingo Lady Project.

As Christmas approaches let us think about what the year has been for the Dingo and those who have continued to fight for understanding, freedom and protection of these beautiful Australian icons and saviours of the environment.

Have there been some successes? I believe there has. More and more scientists and academics, even farmers, are supporting the Dingo’s right to live free of intolerance, mistreatment and cruelty. The general public is gaining more knowledge and understanding. They are realising malicious stories from the past about the dingo are based on ignorance and greed.

Is there still more to do on behalf of the Dingo? Most definitely! Pressure still needs to be brought on governments to have the dingo protected nationally. Laws need to be changed to stop cruel methods of controlling dingoes and other wild dogs. The uneducated and unthinking need to be taught the Dingo is a wonderful, sensitive creature that has a right to exist unmolested in its environment.

As 2017 approaches and we make our new year wishes and resolutions let us focus on we can do as individuals to help save the Dingo from extinction and cruelty. Organisations dedicated to preserving and protecting the dingo need our support. Lobbying governments and signing petitions needs to continue, indeed stepped up.

My personal Christmas wish for dingoes everywhere, in the wild, in sanctuaries and living in a domestic situation, is that we, as dingo advocates, can forget personal agendas and differences and come together as once force. It is only through unity that we will ultimately succeed.

May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and fantastic New Year. If you have dingo kids in your house give them all a big hug from the dingo Lady Project.

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