Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Power of a Dingo Experience and the Internet

Bargo Dingo Sanctuary photo by George Petrovsky (c)

I met George Petrovsky when I joined my local branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers and we became friends.

He regularly shares this blog and recently he joined a Google+ Community called Dog of the Day. It is a Russian language page. George not only shared his photo on the page but translated the Humane Society International article “5 Reasons to Love Dingoes” into Russian and included it in his post. In less than a day his post received 59 likes. George is helping to spread the word on the other side of the globe. Thank you George.

It is important that the dingo situation is promoted overseas; not just here at home. The power of quality, personal interactions with dingoes combined with the power of the internet is vital to the dingo cause.

An education program that included guided information tours of Merigal Dingo Sanctuary and attending functions, events and schools with dingoes was something that Berenice Walters always advocated as being essential to convert the public to understanding and supporting our dingo.

Every little positive experience retold on social media and websites and the sharing of knowledge worldwide is so much easier today than in Berenice’s time. it is vital we keep sharing and reposting these moments. I am both surprised and delighted at the number of overseas supporters the Dingo Lady Facebook page has.

Some of sanctuaries and organisations across Australia that actively encourage dingo experiences are the West Australian Dingo Association, the Dingo Care Network, the Dingo Discovery Centre, Bushland Dingo Haven, Potoroo Palace Native Animal Sanctuary, Bargo Dingo Sanctuary, Durong Dingo Sanctuary and Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary.

There are others but I know that those listed are quality, knowledgeable experiences. Any I have omitted to list is because I have not experienced them, I have not heard any positive comment or a poor quality/uninformed experience was reported. I have no objection to anyone adding their experiences providing you can confirm the quality of the experience and accuracy of information.

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