Tuesday, 25 July 2017

You wouldn’t recognise it now.

After leaving school Berenice started work as a stenographer with for Nuffield (Aust) Pty Ltd and worked there for two years.

Nuffield staff photo. Berenice is on the bottom left
Nuffield Head Office, Zetland

In 1947 Nuffield Australia was initially an assembly plant for Morris minor and Morris Oxford cars. It was established on the former Victoria Park Racecourse in Zetland (Sydney). In 1954, it merged with the Austin Motor Corporation (Australia). The location of Nuffield is just five kilometres for the heart of Sydney.
Newly unpack Wolsleys with the old racecourse in the background

It was during this time she met her future husband, Bern. They had attended Primary School together, but he was sent to relatives at Tumbarumba, high up in the NSW southern Tablelands, during the war years.

Compared to Berenice, Bern had led a very independent and free life.  His experiences working out on distant properties, of outback New South Wales and southern Queensland fascinated her and filled her with a longing for a hitherto unknown existence.   Berenice was besotted.  He seemed to represent everything she dreamed of - animals, the outback, trees, farming, a freedom from problems associated with responsibilities; of adventure. 

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