Tuesday 17 April 2018

A Fair Go for Our Dingo by Berenice Walters

Berenice Walters wrote this about the Dingo over 30 years ago.
The Dingo:
a) was the domestic animal of the Aboriginal Australians that arrived in Australia at least 8000 years ago, possibly much longer.
b) is highly intelligent, strongly individualistic, territorial, affectionate, but cautious and sensitive.
c) makes delightful companion in the family environment, but dedication to its welfare and training is essential, and a lifetime commitment.
d) is always a ‘free spirit’, the Dingo is never slavishly obedient. It is cat-like in its aloofness.
e) has been culled by nature to survive in the wild, shy and easily panicked, the Dingo is not a suitable breed for the average dog owner.
f)  is a medium built, elegant and active dog. What it lacks in strength and aggressiveness, it makes up for in skilfulness, and strong reasoning powers.
g) responds well to kindness, patience and gentle but firm handling.
h) seldom barks but has a wide range of vocal sounds varying from the pleasurable high-pitched yodel to the low crow, the ‘talk', yap, affectionate purr, and expressive howls. Senses of sight; scent and hearing are highly developed
i)  is an interesting and integral part of our wildlife, and priceless part of our National Heritage; its diet overwhelmingly favours available native game - a natural control agent in the wilderness areas.

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