Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Mail Smells

The first time I heard of dingoes being able to scent out mail received from Berenice and the Merigal Dingo Sanctuary was in 1978.

Ben, a 12-month-old dingo living in an inner city suburb of Sydney walked past a bundle of mail that had been placed on top of a 5 foot high cabinet. He sniffed the air, climbed up on a chair and sniffed through the mail. Picking out one letter he placed it on the floor and continued sniffing it. 

The mail was returned to a safer spot higher on the cabinet until the home owner arrived. Ben again climbed up. Selected the same letter and put it back on the floor where he continued his investigation.

The letter was from Berenice Walters. Despite the fact the letter had been in the mail for four days and plastered with all sorts of scents Ben had detected the familiar scent of either Berenice or the dingoes at the sanctuary from more than a metre away.

Recently I sent copies of Berenice’s book and some Dingobilia from her collection to Western Australia and the USA. On both occasions a dingo and a New Guinea Singing Dog picked up a scent.

Berenice would not have touched the items since passing away in 2002.

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