Thursday, 27 December 2018

Amber and Gunda - from Merigal Dingoes by Pamela King

Photo showing Amber’s ‘mane’. (Berenice Walters’ Collection)
Amber and Keira were born in 1992, daughters of Humpty-Two and Snowqueen. They regularly challenged each other by standing straight up on their hind legs with front legs pressed against each other’s chest. Glaring at each other, they'd carry on a very noisy challenge. The altercations sounded furious but neither ever got hurt.

Amber had an interesting feature. The hair down the back of her neck stood erect forming a mane.

Amber was put with Gunda. He had been a particularly wayward pup. He charged over to challenge her to begin with, and things seemed touch and go, but they developed a close relationship. He quietened down considerably after that.
Gunda was a tree-climbing expert. He lived in an enclosure at the rear of the property but learned to climb a tree and, one morning, was seen walking to the front gate to be let in. After the tree was cut back, he found another to climb. He had to be moved to a run with only one gum tree, smack bang in the middle. One volunteer was heard to mutter, “If he learns to climb that, we'll grease it!”
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