Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Berenice Undergoes Hypnotherapy

Anyone who met Berenice could not help to be impressed with her strength and conviction on behalf of the Dingo … but it wasn’t always so.

In 1976 Berenice still carried the scars of her early experiences with her father; always afraid she would fail, make a fool of herself or be seen as showing off.

As the date for the Inaugural Meeting of the Australian Native Dog Training Society approached, she was consumed with self-doubt, panicking and frightened out of her mind. Even though everyone attending were well known to her, she was unable to sleep and constantly drenched in stress induced perspiration.

The day before the dreaded meeting she visited a hypnotherapist, briefly explaining her predicament. She laid back in the chair and relaxed as he quietly and soothingly built up her confidence. It worked. She faced the meeting like a professional. She was calm and sure of her facts. No one had any idea of the trauma she had endured before the hypnosis.

The meeting was visited by three journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald. Everyone in the room expressed their confidence in her to lead the new organisation into a long hard fight for justice and appreciation of the dingo as a valued member of Australia's wildlife.

The response to her presentation gave her the courage to stand up and fight in public. She knew she had the inner strength to lead the society and, if necessary, fight the whole of Australia to protect the Dingo. She was 48 and felt at last she had matured and found her role in life.

Based on the upcoming biography of Berenice Walters, the Dingo Lady

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