Tuesday, 10 March 2020

A Dingo in the Library – Extract from For the Love of a Dingo by Pamela King. (As recorded by Berenice Walters)

By the time Napoleon was 16 months old, I could take him out in public. I would go to the library, put him in a 'drop-stay' and be confident he would not move.  Even at the accountants or solicitors, he behaved perfectly.

Unaware there was a problem, we continued for many months to visit the library. Each time I placed him in a drop stay completely trusting him to behave. 

I would go off, browse the shelves, and select my books. Of course, I kept a close eye on him in case someone bothered him.

I was always comfortable taking him with me and extremely proud of his behaviour until one day the Chief Librarian approached and explained dogs were not allowed in Council buildings. She explained the staff had avoided telling me in case I thought they were discriminating against Napoleon because he was a Dingo.   “But I must add he is the most well-behaved dog we have ever seen.” she quickly assured me.


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