Wednesday, 14 July 2021

5* Book Review for Merigal Dingoes by Pamela King

Having read Pamela King's first book, For the Love of a Dingo, which I thoroughly enjoyed, Merigal Dingoes continues on, with more stories and more depth.

I read individual stories as I wanted. I read them on days when I really needed a lift. There are many heart-warming moments to share.

Pamela King's work in bringing these charming, often hilarious episodes to readers is very much appreciated. Thank you also for introducing me to Berenice Walters - what a remarkable woman.

This is a book that you can read with children (with care) - a great opportunity to share reading as a family event. :) And of course, there are many people who need to know about Australia's native dog.

Highly recommended. Karina McRoberts (Author) - Five stars (5*)

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