Saturday, 10 July 2021

Animal Liberation March 1978


In November 1978 Berenice agreed the society would participate in an Animal Liberation March.

Sydney Morning Herald headlines read: “Don’t shoot if you see a pack of dingoes marching from Martin Pace up Macquarie Street to Hyde Park tomorrow morning.”

This was the first ever animal rights march in Sydney and the dingoes were given the honour or leading the procession.

Arriving at the assembly point Berenice was impressed, if not a little apprehensive, by the quantity and quality of the police escort. 

A large police sergeant bore down on her, taking her arm in a vice like grip. “Are you marching?” Before she had a chance to reply a penny seemed to drop. “We’ve got our wires crossed. We were expecting gay liberationists not animal liberationists!”

Asked if they would like to march along the footpath or down the centre of the road they opted to march behind the waiting police car. “Well that will travel more comfortably down the middle of the road,” said the amiable officer.

Except for one police car, all signs of their body guards disappeared except for one lone police car. Leading the rest of the marchers they led the way up Martin Place without incident

They received had red carpet treatment from the police force and the press.

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