Thursday, 16 June 2016

What a great way to get kids interested in Dingoes

A local cub group contacted Berenice in 1987 about visiting the Dingoes to learn more about them, and … ‘how to howl’.

They were to attend a Cub-o-rama at Casino in northern NSW and where a Dingo Howling Contest was to be held. Enterprising Cub leaders took the opportunity to meet the ‘Merigal’ dingoes and get some practice and guidelines generally on howling.

Sixty odd cubs and parents and friends enthusiastically got to know individual Dingoes, and set up for a BBQ and picnic lunch. The weather was perfect to enjoy a day in the beautiful grounds. Society members present felt a surge of pride showing off what had been accomplished over the years. This is what the society efforts were all about.

Although the Dingoes did not oblige with a howling session, they were able to view slides and hear sound recordings of howling.

A week later one of the group leaders returned to make his own recording of howling so the cubs could listen to it and practice. Setting up the equipment in Berenice’s kitchen all fingers were crossed for a successful session. The tape was started and much to everyone’s delight Meri Meri joined in giving the tape a real boost, adding freshness and personality.

The finished product sounded wonderful with tremendous volume.

I am sure the new friends of the enjoyed practicing their Dingo howls on the long drive to Casino.

Photo courtesy of Reptile Park, Gosford

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