Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Truth about Dingoes: 4

Dingoes are not dogs, although they may look the same, they are distinct in many ways.

The dingo is classified as a medium sized free ranging canid indigenous to Australia. 
The dingo is a unique species for several reasons. 

Much of the dingo's life takes place in private - but myth and legend are slowly being replaced by scientific observations and research.

They have many differences to wild dogs. Genetically, environmentally, socially, reproductively, and behaviourally.

Dingoes are easily distinguished from domestic dogs in terms of behaviour and phenotype. They live in highly structured packs led by a breeding pair; perform pack hunting in certain areas; exhibit mutual defence of territories; have an annual breeding season; paternal males and alloparental care of young; and howl more than bark.

Physically they have larger carnassial teeth, longer canines, longer snout, uniform coat colours and flexible joints and lack hind dew claws. Also, dingoes are more adept at solving non-social problems than domestic dogs. Dogs are much more adapted to the human environment.

Information reproduced with permission from http://jennyleeparker3.wixsite.com/aussie-canis-dingo

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