Tuesday 21 November 2017

Dingoes: Excavation Experts (and I don’t mean the machines)

Dingoes are notorious diggers and can quickly ruin lawns if confined. 

Berenice learnt from her dingoes by observing and recording their activities. 

Dawn was due to whelp and her natural aunt, Snowgoose, went to work on a suitable den for the whelping.

After digging deeply Snowgoose then lay on her side to fashion an interior ‘room’ at a higher level to ensure a dry bed.

Carefully scrutinising the den, she left off for a rest ‘marking’ the entrance with urine which she carefully covered.

Putting the finishing touches to the den.


  1. Fantastic pics!
    We don't know a great deal about dingo dens but do know that the entrance of the dens always face away from the rising sun and daytime sun. Others mark around the den site to let others know that this is their territory and to ward off any intruders....

    1. Thank you Jenny-Lee. These would have been taken by Berenice in the mid-late 1980s