Friday 5 March 2021

The Moulting Season

I have been unable to verify who this was written about, but it appeared in Merigal Magazine in October 1977 and I suspect Berenice was the lady involved.

We are all no doubt busily brushing and combing our dogs to remove the dead hair from our moulting pets, not just from the point of view of
looks or convenience, but to assist our friend in this uncomfortably' itchy period. We have always believed in a good wash, lathering well with recommended dog soap or shampoo, and rubbing down well with a towel. Regular brushing and combing should then remove the loosened hair more easily.

Troublesome as loose hair might be the season is not devoid of its humour. The local washing machine serviceman had been called in to a non-functioning machine.

After several minutes close investigation, a voice demanded, "Do you wash your dogs in the washing machine?"

“No,” said a highly indignant housewife.

"Well, you would think so," said the mechanic, “the pump’s full of hair".