Tuesday 23 October 2018

New Dingo Book – Merigal Dingoes

Once I started researching and writing Berenice’s biography I realised her whole life was an interesting story and that is what I needed to focus on.

Her personal experiences, difficulties and passions during her childhood and as a young woman both shaped her future and gave her many challenges.

As I followed her life through her own writing, personal letters and photographs I was more and more intrigued and in awe of this seemingly insecure and formally uneducated woman.

There were simply too many wonderful dingo stories that couldn’t be included in full but needed to be told and is the reason for publishing my new book Merigal Dingoes.

Merigal Dingoes will be officially launched on 22nd November but copies available from mid-November.


This anthology of heart-warming Dingo stories (and one New Guinea Singing Dog) reveal how Berenice’s dingoes taught her about their personality, behaviour and antics with a large dose of reciprocated love, and humour.

The collection is based on the records of Berenice Walters and my own personal experience and, I believe, would valuable for anyone wanting to learn more about the Dingo.

It includes over 30 stories and 100 photos.

As we use a Print on Demand company it would be useful to know how many copies I need to order. If you would like to pre-order and pre-pay for a copy please contact me via email at pam@pam.id.au for details.

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Tuesday 16 October 2018

Dora Arrives by Berenice Walters - Extract from For the Love of a Dingo

Dora meets the cattle dog pups

Our very first Dingo arrived, it seemed, by accident. A gentleman wishing to purchase a Cattle Dog pup broached the subject of Dingoes and my efforts to have it recognised officially as native fauna.

He asked me if I would like a female pup, guaranteed pure bred, but no questions asked.

The incredible dream I had nurtured for so long looked like it could at last become a reality. I did not really believe it could come true until she was actually handed over to me, a little fearful bundle of grey. I had told no one, not even my family.

Dora was about 7 weeks of age when she arrived at our home. She was petrified of humans, and extremely cautious of everything, though she showed interest in the other dogs kennelled here, and they in her.

When I took her in my arms she tried to hide from the world by burying her head under my arm.  As a baby she always did this when approached by strangers.

I first took her into the house and gently put her down on the floor, trying to reassure her continually with my voice. She flew into a dark corner under the lounge, petrified. Talking to her quietly, I gradually put my hand on her and carefully edged her to me. Although frantic with fear she did not attempt to bite though she squealed in alarm and growled.

When the family came home, each was speechless in horror. Then, "Mum! That's a Dingo! We'll all end up in gaol. Get rid of it."

My pup and I just clung together, instinctively knowing that we belonged together; that this was our destiny.

Berenice Walters

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