Monday 16 January 2023

Berenice’s Experience with Dingoes Begins

Dora and Berenice at training

Berenice got her first dingo in the mid-1970s

She was a wild born pup given to Berenice “no questions asked.”

After twelve months, Berenice recorded that Dora was not proving to be a docile, affectionate, and fawning pet.

She did not expect her to.

Berenice wrote of Dora:

All the instincts are sharp. She is a wild animal with a wild animal’s strong sense of self preservation and self reliance. The law of the jungle is uppermost – that which cannot dominate is dominated – the survival of the fittest.

By the same token, I have not found her to be savage, untrainable, or unpredictable. She is strong willed; she is affectionate; she is obedient though sometimes wilful; she is gentle, she is proud. She is mine alone……..or am I hers?

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